Congratulation Mr. Yudoyono

Posted in Peristiwa by Hendrixus Rumapea on 8 July 2009

Today our country is heading with a great day. General election for new president and vice-president of period 2009-2014. This is the second direct presidential election after reformation era. Mr Yudoyono was elected in this first system on 2004. He defeated the incumbent president Madam Megawati in two rounds election.

After disqualifed by system during parliament election, for now I could join this big democracy’s celebration. In situation that many citizen lost their right to vote because of bad registration system held by KPU, we should very appricated to our Constitution Counsil that approved citizen with residential identity (KTP) could participate to vote at 12 o’clock (an hour before voting closed).

I am happy when see my mother-in-law is very anthusiam to register my name in Kelurahan, without success. My name was still missing in the final voter list.

My wife blamed me as unresponsible citizen since I did not participate in parliament election. I said that I do not have any competent or trusted candidate who can be as representative of my voice in parliament. I have no idea of competency the people listed in parliament election papers.

Grateful that today is our national holiday. Kuningan road is like toll road, I can reach 12o km/h of my city car. Usually in working day, I move in 20 km/h average.

I came to voting place at 12 o’clock as rule from KPU for voter which do not have their name in the lists. The official authority is very friendly. He checked my KTP and wait for few minute, my name was called. In the chamber, I opened the voting-paper, then looked at the picture of president candidates, searched the candidate who have mustache. He he he. My expectation that this candidate have the good chance to be a competitor of incumbent-president. During saw the debate session which widely broadcasting by national television, this candidate has good program, especially iin economic system. I am very appreciated his program for gasoline convertion to LPG and fast track electrical power plant projects (eventhough there is many problem on this project during finansial stage and guarantee from government). These programs could save our country budget in subsidy.

Back home and watch the live program in TV, I just surprised seeing the quick count result. The incumbent has a clear lead. He collected more than sixty percent of  voter sampling (according to LSI, LP3S and  Cirrus). Eventhough this is not an official announcement from KPU, I am pretty sure that the result is not quite different. Mr Yudoyono is no doubt re-elected again as our president.

One thing that still amazed me, my candidate -the man who has mustache is just in third position. Out of my expectation, it is less than thirteen percents voters. His good performance during debate session can not help to increase enough voters for him.

Congratulation Mr. Yudoyono. Your promises during campaign are waiting to be executed.