Sambel Hejo

Posted in Peristiwa by Hendrixus Rumapea on 20 November 2010

If we passed Padaleunyi highway (to or from Jakarta), do not forget to try special menu served by the restaurant Sambel Hejo. Located just down the road toll of exit Jatiluhur.

The main menu are fried chicken (local free-range-chicken), sayur asam (mix vegetable with tamarind sour-sauce), tempe and tofu and fresh vegetables.  All dishes served with special sauce “Sambel Hejo.” When I tasted the sauce, I felt that these are combination of green chili pepper, green tomato and kencur (kaempferia galanga).

The mix of “not-so-spicy” green chili, the-sour of green tomato and flavor of kencur made the special and unusual blend. This sauce is a perfect combination for every small-pieces of fried chicken. Two pieces are not enough to satisfy this pleasure.

The taste is very authentic and different with other Sundanese restaurant. If you tried for one, -every time you pass toll Padaleunyi and see Jatiluhur sign, it will like a calling from Sambel Hejo to come in.


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